CodeVita 2018 Round 1 Question: Cross Words

Cross Words Problem Description A crossword puzzle is a square grid with black and blank squares, containing clue numbers (according to a set of rules) on some of the squares. The puzzle is solved by obtaining the solutions to a set of clues corresponding to the clue numbers. The solved puzzle has one letter in each of the blank square, which represent a sequence of letters (consisting of one or more words in English or occasionally other languages) running along the rows (called “Across”, or “A”) or along the columns…

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How to prepare for CodeVita 2019 in limited number of days

TCS Codevita How to prepare for CodeVita 2019 in Limited Number of Days. About CodeVita Sports is not just a game, it’s Culture! It connects people from varied backgrounds and ethnicities regardless of physical and cultural boundaries. It is also a great way to compete beyond borders and a lot of fun. At TCS, we continue to believe in this philosophy that programming can be both fun and challenging. For past 7 seasons, TCS has had great fun in promoting the Programming-As-A-Sport culture. Hope you too had great fun participating…

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Get ready, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, new AR game, launches this Friday

Get ready, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, new AR game

Magic lovers, get ready: The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite-themed follow up to the hit mobile game Pokémon Go launches worldwide starting Friday. If you’ve ever wanted to leave the muggle world for the magical world. Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite, just may be the thing to help you apparate there. The same company that created the ultra-popular Pokémon Go, Niantic, Inc. Along with WB Games San Francisco say they are “excited to finally share the first look into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.” You Might Like: How to Install and Run Call of Duty…

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