Get ready, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, new AR game, launches this Friday

Get ready, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, new AR game

Magic lovers, get ready: The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite-themed follow up to the hit mobile game Pokémon Go launches worldwide starting Friday.

If you’ve ever wanted to leave the muggle world for the magical world. Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite, just may be the thing to help you apparate there.

The same company that created the ultra-popular Pokémon Go, Niantic, Inc. Along with WB Games San Francisco say they are “excited to finally share the first look into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.”

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“For the first time, you’ll soon embark on your own Wizarding World adventure together with friends in the real world,” a press statement read on the game’s website.

Niantic, Inc. and WB Games San Francisco are excited to finally share the first look into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. For the first time, you’ll soon embark on your own Wizarding World adventure together with friends in the real world.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite combines content and characters you know and love from both the original Harry Potter series and the Fantastic Beasts films in a unique Wizarding World experience. It’s up to you to ready your wand, prepare your potions, brush up your spells and help prevent The Calamity from exposing the secrets of the wizarding world.

Some looks of the game are

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There are three Harry Potter: Wizards Unite professions. They are, Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor. Here’s a breakdown of the strength and weakness of each option.

  • Auror – Aurors are combat veterans who defeat Foes by combining their innate leadership with a litany of debilitating spells. Aurors are most effective against Dark Forces. – Best for aggressive players looking to deal damage.
  • Magizoologists – Trained in the care and preservation of magical creatures, in combat Magizoologists focus on healing and helping their Teammates. – Best for players who want great healing abilities.
  • Professors – Professors are highly adept spellcasters who use their deep magical knowledge to debilitate Foes while also supporting their Teammates. – Best for players that plan to cast a lot of spells.

Here’s how the different professions stack up against in game enemies;

  • Auror – Strong against Dark Forces, Weak against Beasts.
  • Magizoologists – Strong against Beasts, Weak against Curiosities.
  • Professors – Strong against Curiosities, Weak against Dark Forces.

The strengths can easily help you become a better player in game when matched to your playstyle and as you level up. This sheet will show you a ton of data on the professions, skill trees, strengths and weaknesses.

In the Harry Potter universe, magical objects and beings co-exist with non-magical ones. And can often be found hidden among the mundane. One might just have to run headfirst through a train platform. For example, to board a voyage to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Augmented reality is a way for real life to intersect with the Harry Potter universe’s magical creations. Making this technology a natural fit.

“Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” allows players to roleplay as wizards tasked with containing magic that appears all over the Muggle (normal, non-magic) world. They’ll have to brew potions, cast spells, and even teleport using a magical device called a Portkey.

What officials says:

According to the website, “A calamity has befallen the wizarding world, causing artefacts, creatures, people, and even memories to mysteriously appear in the Muggle world. Witches and wizards from across the globe must come together to solve the mystery of The Calamity. Overcome the confounding chaotic magic that surrounds these “Foundables,” and return them to their rightful place, keeping them safe from Muggle eyes.”

You’ll begin your journey as a new recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. Your task? Investigate and contain The Calamity. You’ll be able to train with your favorite Hogwart’s professors. Test your potion-making skills, and even battle Death Eaters and Werewolves.

As tempting as it is to stay in the Wizarding World forever. The augmented reality game will allow you to explore your city’s surroundings. Helping you trace Foundables and safely return them to the Wizarding World.

Like Pokémon Go, Foundables can pop up anywhere, ranging from your workplace to the library to the local zoo!

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite also allows you to access Portkeys which will take you to some of the Harry Potter universe’s favorite haunts, including Ollivander’s Wand Shop.

The game will feature characters and creatures from the original Harry Potter series. Also new fan favorites from the Fantastic Beasts films.

Game is free but in game purchases might be required to boost your ranking

While the game is free to play, players will have the option to buy currency in the game using real money. That could be pretty lucrative: Players could spend at least $100 million within the game’s first month of release. According to the analytics company App Annie. While App Annie says that won’t surpass Pokémon Go’s launch. The firm said such a performance would be “no small feat.”

A beta version of the Harry Potter game launched in New Zealand inApril and Australia inMay. Players spent about $40,000 on that game within the first month of the beta release, according to Sensor Tower, an analytics firm. Sensor Tower says it bases the data on estimates produced by its proprietary models of Apple’s App store and Google Play. A spokesperson for Niantic said the company does not share revenue figures.

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