Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, How to survive,Best Guns, Vehicles & more

Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, How to survive,Best Guns, Vehicles & more

Gaming world has being increasing day by day and not even kids but adults also are showing interest and are playing these strategic games nowadays. Their would be a single smartphone without having gaming app. This is why gaming apps are on trending on play Store and having a huge downloads.

Their are many brain storming games and logical games and many other shooting and many other battle royale games on play Store. Not only smartphones but computers users have a huge fan base in gaming world and a lot high resolution and strategic games are developed nowadays.

Similarly a multiplayer, Battle royal game was released in gaming market approx 2 year ago and this game made a huge fan base and led to increase of different gamers and YouTube live streaming account that made a huge fan and now are very popular. This game got a huge response and was popular overnight . Users like this game as it is a multiplayer , battle royale game and with high graphic and strategies. When this game arrived at Android platform it got popularity over night.

So in this article I m going to tell you about ” Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks “. So guy’s go through the article and if you want such more tricks to make your way as Pro in this game so comment down below.

Tips :

1: When In Close Combat, Go Zigzag

This is a great and powerful trick to just save yourself from multiple enemies around you. When you are surrounded by many enemies or if someone starts shooting you from nearby so start zigzag motion as to distract the enemy and to focus on it. Don’t run in a straight line when you’re under fire. This way you can be killed easily but when you run in zigzag motion or by jumping you can save yourself. You can also learn Close combat strategies in new map Team Death Match.

2: Use Peek and Fire

If you approach any enemy if you are hiding somewhere so don’t just pop out straight cause in this way their is huge chance to get killed. But when you peek and shoot them Thier is huge chance to get your enemy down.

Go to Settings -> Basic and turn on Peek & Fire. This feature lets you peek your head from around the cover. You can take shots without exposing your whole body. 

3: Communicate with your squadmates

Many a times player play with their friends or colleagues and they use audio option for communicating with their friends for where to go where to loot and when to rush etc. This helps a lot as it give a direction to the players and by this they would be in a group rushing for any circumstances.

If a person is knocked out then you can ask for help or if you are spectating so you can guide them. Sometimes players doesn’t communicate with their friends and this leads to loss of unity and strategies in the team.

4. Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights

PUBG Mobile brings the ability to use your smartphone’s gyroscope to aim. This can be incredibly helpful when aiming down sights, or when you’re scoped in since you’ll be able to move your phone to aim at enemies instead of having to touch and drag on the screen. To enable gyroscope, simply head into Settings and then Basic.

Some noob players might not be able to use it properly but you can use training map for making it your habit as it will definitely help you to increase your ability and level in this game

5: Adjust the Size and Position of Controls

This is the ultimate trick of this article as how fast you play and How fast your fingers move on screen as it decide your killing and movement speed Mainly in close combat.Head over to Settings -> Controls -> Customize, and adjust the size and position of controls according to your needs. For example, I’ve made the grenade button a little larger to make it easier to tap, and I’ve shifted the left side fire button to where my left-thumb naturally lands, so I can shoot even faster.

6: Use Headphones to Hear Enemy Footsteps

As this game is developed at the top level as all the aspects of a game has been made in this game. Be it gun shots , foot steps , communication, graphics, strategies , etc. Everything is at the best level. So you can use your earphones not to just communicate with your friends but also you can use this for listening other sounds too as gun shots and foot steps and in this game you can accurately tell the side from where the sound is coming from. The sounds are optimised in such a way that it seems bit realistic.Most shooter games, be it CS: GO, Fortnite, or PUBG make use of directional audio that you can leverage to be more aware of your enemies’ locations. 

7: Master the map

As you can see different maps in this game where you have to land and loot in the apartments and then start killing your enemies. But their are such location on the map where you will get very less loot and no enemy will land there. And some of the location are having a huge loot and and some locations are quite safe with huge loot. So first you should master the map.

So where you should land and how to loot and where to rush and not. PUBG has launched 4 of its maps and all of them are really great and all gave some secret place and some best location to land off. Play the game and explore such locations.

8: Choose the best Gun in PUBG

Their are a lot of guns out their in this game with different killing speed and stability and range, recoil speed etc. First you need master the best weapon and you should have knowledge about the best guns in category of Assault gun, Shotgun, sniper rifle etc.

As per my choice DP-28 is the best and stable gun in all the list out there, cause it has fast killing speed and stability but has a slow recoil speed but then also it’s the best Gun in close as well as distant kill. You should try different guns and should master them.

9: Use silencers on guns

Stealth is your friend in PUBG, because gunfire is located on the map for enemies that are close by. Silenced weapons make it much harder for other players to locate you by listening gunshots or by seeing ton map – there are silencers for many weapon types (AR, sniper, SMG, pistol) but you might have to manually add it to your weapon once you’ve found it if you already have a compensator fitted.

10: Use your grenades and Accessories

You can use different type of grandes like Stun grenade, smoking grande and many more and can accurately drop it and can kill or knock out many enemies at a time. For this you should have a fast and accurate control over the throwing. As many noob players don’t know how to throw grande on a particular place or in a building through windows. So you should first train yourself for that as a mistake may ruin your game. As you might get killed or you can give your location to enemies so first try on training map and then on real gameplay.

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