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Top 5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Today Android smartphones are developing day by day and many creative and innovative features are introduced in every new smartphone these days. May new innovative smartphones are launched this year and many of these give many features in just in mid range smartphones. It was the day when smartphones were having too much increase price range but now many innovative and creative features are available in mid range smartphone also.

Pin hole camera, on screen fingerprint scanner,flip camera,and many other new updates have arrived in the smartphones nowadays. Similarly many other functions have also arrived in the system of other apps. Camera function and quality has increased a lot. Similarly slow Motion feature has arrived in many smartphone camera. And users are taking a grate advantage of this option and Making a lite of high quality videos and many smartphone are bringing a lot of improvement in Thier slow Motion feature.

So if your smartphone is not having this feature or if your camera is not taking such a quality slow Motion video then in this article I m going to tell you about” Top 5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android “

1. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is one of the best slow motion video apps for Android, which has made ten million user base. This application provides usee friendly settings and functions that makes it too easy to use and it make such a high quality video that is hardly to differentiate with a high quality smartphone.Slow Motion Video FX is the best slow motion camera and video app for Android.

 The app not only allows you to record video in slow motion but it also allows to convert your already existing videos into slow motion videos.Once you have shot or selected your video, you can set the speed anywhere between 0 to 1. The closer the value to zero, the slower your video will be.

2: KineMaster

It’s the app that is the perfect tool for editing any kind of video that a user can edit in your PC and it provides a variety of functions and options that can be used in many ways that can be used to make and edit your video in a professional way. Many youtubers also use this app for editing Thier video. You can also add great effects and VFX editing in your video. A user can make a professional and desired video from this app.

Similarly this app provide options to slow or fast your video speed and edit in your own way. You can smoothly decrease the video speed without distorting the video quality and can get a high quality slow Motion video output.

3: Video Slow Reverse Player

This is also a slow Motion video app that has a quiet simple but advanced and high quality app that can be used to make slow Motion videos that you will be able to shoot using professional cameras.

Like Slow Motion Video FX app, this one is also pretty simple to use. You have to just launch the app and then select the video that you want to convert. Now, if you want to apply the slow-mo effect, just tap on the negative sign/button. A single tap results in a reduction of 0.25X of speed. If you choose a value more than 1 than in either making slow Motion video it will make a hyperlapse video. The output slow Motion video from this app do not show frame drop and look quite natural.

4: Hudl Technique

This is the another slow Motion video app for Android users and mainly focus on sportsperson. The app lets you watch videos in slow motion to help you analyze the skills or mistakes of an athlete. You can use the Hudl Technique software to record the videos. You can save the video and edit as well and can also share the videos with your friends.

You can use this app to slow the video and watch with different video at same time and can compare the videos and slow Motion and at Norma motion and can pick out the tricks and mistakes happen in the Play.

5: Videoshop – Video Editor

This is the last app of this list and it is also a video editor and having different functions and options and can be used to make High quality videos and slow Motion videos too. By using this app you can decrease the video speed without loosing it’s quality. The best part about using Videoshop is that you can select a part of a clip where you want to apply the slow-motion effect.

To make slow motion video using Videoshop, tap on the “Speed” button. Here, select the part of the video where you want to apply the slow motion, and then adjust the speed by using the slider. Once you are done with your selection, tap on the “Done” button . It can take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of your video to process the effect. Once, the processing is done, you can playback the video and enjoy your slow motion effect.

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