How to Access a Bitlocker-Encrypted Partition in Linux

Access a Bitlocker-Encrypted Windows Partition from Linux

There are many reasons why you might want to dual-boot Windows and Linux. The majority of the time you’ll find no problems with this setup, but if you have a BitLocker-encrypted Windows partition, you’ll find it difficult to access your files. So here is how you can access a Bitlocker-Encrypted Partition in Linux. The good news is that there is a way to work around this issue. So you can use a free Linux tool called Dislocker to access a Bitlocker-Encrypted Partition. You can use Dislocker to decrypt and mount a…

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How to Encrypt Your Partitions on Linux with dm-crypt

disk encryption Linux Guide Encrypt Your Partitions

Hard drives and SSDs are easy to remove from laptops or computers. In such a case, all of the security measures implemented by your operating system go out the window. So if you have data you want to protect, you can create an encrypted container. You would store sensitive files there, while storing non-secretive files on your regular partitions. It’s easiest to set up an encrypted partition when you install your Linux distribution. The installer can guide you through that. But if you missed that opportunity, follow the steps in this guide…

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